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A set of 3 skin-brightening products that reduce hyperpigmentation for more radiant skin in 7 days.


What It Does For You


Why You Would Like It

If your skin shows areas of discolouration or dark spots, the ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Power System is the perfect 3-step solution to even out your skin tone. It counteracts discolouration by reducing melanin activity, giving you brighter, more radiant skin in 7 days. Exclusive ARTISTRY technology present in all ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE products penetrates deep into the skin. It makes sure all three layers of your skin's surface are supplied with a special botanical complex that boosts hydration while soothing and protecting skin.


Facts For You

  • Clinical results showed a 96% reduction in signalling of messenger protein controlling skin pigmentation*.
  • 70% of women agreed that their skin looked radiant and fresh in 7 days.
  • 98% of women showed improvement in skin luminosity in 4 weeks.

* Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test, used to measure cellular gene expression in response to treatment with ascorbyl glucoside, chia and pomegranate extracts.

Key Features

The ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Power System provides complete brightening and nourishing care for skin suffering from dark spots and discolouration:

  • Skin brightening and conditioning ingredients are delivered to all 3 layers of the skin's surface by patented technology.
  • Skin tone becomes more even as discolouration is diminished and skin receives a boost in radiance.
  • Nourishing botanicals deeply hydrate and condition the skin.


How To Use



The ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Power System gives you everything you need to achieve even skin tone once and for all – by targeting areas of discolouration and effectively diminishing them. The bundle features our potent ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Illuminating Essence, with the highest concentrations of active botanicals, as well as the Spot Corrector and Illuminating Moisture Cream. Each of the 3 products included contains exclusive 3D Technology, which delivers the ingredients deep into your skin's surface. Pearl Protein works with Red Algae, Pea extract and European Geranium to make your skin more radiant and even out your skin tone.

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