Delivery options

Amway offers various delivery options. Optimise your costs by choosing the right one for your order size and location.
Available options include:

Home delivery

Define your home and optional addresses in "my addresses" section. You can choose it directly while placing your order. 

For delivery to your customer please consider the ‘Sent to customer process’ in the FAQs.

Payment options

Bank transfer

Transfer can be made online or at post office or bank. To make a payment use bank account information displayed while placing an order (Payment page) or in my order details section.

Credit card

Payment will be made using credit card registered on Amway Online. Manage your defined credit cards in 'My credit cards' section.

How to choose your delivery option

1. Select your preferred delivery option during checkout. Remember: the price shown is only and estimation.

2. View the final delivery price after calculation.

3. After the calculation is completed, review the final delivery price on the order details page.