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      Powerful Nutrilite Electric High-Speed Blender makes it easy to enjoy nutritious smoothies, shakes, dips and more, quickly and conveniently.


      What It Does For You

      • Adds a stylish, powerful tool to your kitchen with its stainless-steel housing and an energy-efficient motor* that reaches up to 28,000 rpm.
      • Features a 1.8-litre glass jar with embossed scale that won’t leak chemicals or microplastics into your food.
      • Provides 3 pre-set programs (ice crush, smoothie, interval), pulse and stepless speed control to meet all your blending needs.
      • Enables you to blend multiple ingredients – including Nutrilite All Plant Protein or Fibre Powder – into delicious smoothies or healthy foods like hummus
      • Supports an active, on-the-go lifestyle with a Tritan Blend & Go Cup that is robust, light and easy to clean and carry.

      *The blender and its motor provide off and standby modes which do not exceed the applicable power consumption requirements of the “Ecodesign” Directive 209/125/EC.

      Why You Would Like It

      The Nutrilite Electric High-Speed Blender is a stylish and powerful kitchen tool that supports your healthy-nutrition ambitions.

      It’s equipped with a powerful 1200 W engine that provides blending at speeds of up to 28,000 rpm and three pre-set programmess (ice crushing, smoothie preparation, or interval) as well as pulse and stepless speed control settings.

      And with the inclusion of a light-and-mobile Blend & Go Cup that comes with its own blending base featuring a sharp stainless-steel knife with 4 blades and a drinking lid, it’s a great way to support an active, on-the-go lifestyle.

      The Nutrilite Electric High-Speed Blender is sold exclusively by Nutrilite.

      Facts For You

      • 3 pre-set programmess (ice crush, smoothie, interval) as well as pulse and stepless speed control.
      • All components are dishwasher safe, except for the stainless-steel knife set and base.
      • Delivers up to 28,000 rpm using its 1200 W engine. 

      Key Features

      High-quality materials and components: Food-grade stainless-steel blades provide great blending results, while the durable glass jar prevents leakage of chemicals and microplastics into food. Slip-resistant feet and self-clean functions make it safe and easy to use.

      Powerful engine, 8-blade knife set and rich range of features (including ice crush, smoothie and interval) mean that the blender is able to tackle a variety of ingredients and recipes, including smoothies, shakes, dips, sauces, soups and purees.

      Blend & Go Cup made from BPA-free Tritan is light, robust and portable and comes with its own blending base and 4-blade knife set, making it easy to integrate nutritious and delicious blended smoothies into an active, on-the-go lifestyle.

      How To Use

      • Read the manual thoroughly before first use and follow the instructions during use.
      • Removing the knife set with the tool from the jar requires some force. Given the power of the Nutrilite Electric High-Speed Blender, it is important that the knife set is fitted tightly to the glass jar to avoid any potential leakages. Please ensure the knife set fits tightly after cleaning / before operation.
      • The glass jar fits into the blender base easily and requires no twisting or turning – it’s ergonomically designed to be easy to use for left- and right-handed people.
      • Blend & Go Cup fits easily into the blender base, with no twisting or turning required. Press it down gently during blending.
      • All components apart from the knife sets and base can be washed in the dishwasher.

      Technical Information


      • Nutrilite Electric High-Speed Blender base + glass jar:  approx. 3.9 kg
      • Blend & Go Cup: approx. 0.3 kg
      • Knife opening tool: 40 g


      • Nutrilite Electric High-Speed Blender with Glass Jar: 20 (L) x 17.5 (W) x 43.4 (H) cm
      • Blend & Go Cup: 24.5 (H) x 7 (W) cm

      Blender and Blend & Go Cup knife sets are made of stainless steel (Food Grade SUS420)

      Noise level:
      At maximum speed, the noise level is less than 90 dB. When standing 1 metre from the product, the background noise level is less than 65 dB.

      Blending jar: 1.8 litre
      Blend & Go Cup 0.6 litre

      The length of the power cord is approximately 1 metre.